Tusker Transmission (M) SDN. BHD.

Tusker Transmission (M) SDN. BHD., marketed in the brand trademark 'Tusker' manufactures all kinds of Conventional and Industrial Wrapped belts in various sections such as A, B, C, D and E, FHP belts, Wedge belts, Raw Edge Cogged belts for automotive and industrial applications, Variable speed belts, Poly V/Multi rib belts for automotive and electronic industries, Harvester combine belts for agricultural application.

'Tusker' is a leading manufacturer cum supplier of superior quality rubber belts in the Indian/ Middle East / SE Asean markets and its products are well known for their high durability. ‘Tusker’ products serve customers in various key market segments such as Heavy Industries, Automotive, Material Handling, Cement/Sugar Industries, Power Generation, Climate Control Devices, and Consumer Products etc. With a vast experience for the past 25 years in the rubber industry, 'Tusker' has geared up technically through self up gradation and has excelled in manufacturing rubber belts that can withstand very high mechanical, chemical and thermal demands which ultimately serves to the best expectations of our deemed customers.

Our Values

Slogan :

Flexible yet Powerful

Mission Statement :

Tusker Transmission's mission is to be the leading manufacturer of high quality rubber belt products catering to needs of automotive, agriculture and industrial applications in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America and ASEAN regions.

Our Values :


Customer Success is Our Success.


Exceed customer expectations with superior quality products.


Constant innovation to make more reliable and efficient products.

Tusker Products


• Tusker FHP belt is made with poly-chloroprene impregnated poly cotton jacketing wrapped with fabric cover, high moduli polyester cord, and specially formulated belt core.

• Tusker FHP Belt with specially compounded base offers superior performance with high oil, heat and fatigue resistance.

• Tusker FHP utility belts deliver extreme flexibility with quieter operation and minimum heat generation over a multitude of light duty drive applications.

• Applications of Tusker FHP belt includes light duty motors with small diameter pulleys and a variety of domestic products such as lawn mowers, washing machines, home appliances etc.


• Tusker raw edge cogged belts are produced by slitting individual belts from a broader rubber sleeve and hence they are also called as Cut edge belts.

• Tusker’s specially molded cog design reduces bending stress, mechanical losses and improves heat dissipation which ultimately maximizes the belt life.

• Some of the major ingredients of Tusker raw edge cogged belt includes high modulus polyester cord offering high strength and stability for extreme load/power, specially designed sidewall construction providing a high coefficient of friction for better grip and reduced slippage on the pulley.

• This belt is an excellent choice for applications demanding for compact drive systems with smaller pulleys, center distance drives and high horsepower ratings.


• Tusker industrial v-belt is constructed with a double fabric cover to handle the most demanding industrial applications ranging from 1 to 1,000 hp and a speed as high as 8000 rpm.

• The dual fabric covering also enhances the resistance to oil, heat and environmental effects without compromising the flexibility required and enabling it to run on smaller sized pulleys.

• Tusker industrial v-belt is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications with high horsepower and extreme shock load requirements.


• Tusker narrow v-belt is a perfect blend of modern high capacity materials with a revolutionary "narrow" cross section.

• Tusker narrow v-belt is capable of transmitting up to 3 times the higher horsepower than the conventional v-belt for a given drive space. Another advantage of Tusker narrow v-belt over conventional v-belt is that these belts are suitable for both low and high speed drive applications with no limitations to the speed range where as the conventional v-belts have capacity constraints.

• Tusker narrow v-belts belts are available in 3V, 5V and 8V sections.


• Tusker hexagonal belts are made with polyester cords and durable cotton/ polyester cover for maximum strength and length stability while ensuring resistance to heat, ozone, grease, oil and dirt.

• It has a specially formulated core compound which makes it suitable for high horsepower applications and long life requirements.

• Tusker hexagonal belt flexes equally well on either sides with natural wedging action for maximum power delivery, making it desirable for serpentine and reverse drive applications.


• Tusker poly v/ multi rib belts are specially engineered to achieve a optimize belt life in the toughest of applications.

• Tusker poly v/ multi rib belts has combined advantages of the high power transmission capabilities of v-belts and the flexibility of flat belts.

• A thin cross section with extreme flexibility makes the Tusker poly v belts highly suitable for the multi drive facility/serpentine drive systems, especially in automotive applications.

• Other benefits of Tusker poly v/multi rib belts are better ventilation due to large surface area enhancing the life of belt, uniform distribution of load and pressure for smoother operation, better tolerance to shock loads and greater stability.


• A set of narrow cross-section wedge belts combined with a neoprene/ fabric band to form a single belt.

• Tusker banded v-belt eradicates the problems due to high vibrations, large centre distance and vertical shafts.

• Added advantages of Tusker banded v-belts are high performance and high shock load applications, pulsating loads, high capacity drives and/or for short centre heavy duty drives.

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