Display Banner Ads

Reach more audiences in more places online. Inspire your audience’s attention while they’re browsing their favourite websites by designing and creating captivating banner ads tailored to your message and your customer’s interests.

Static Banner Ads

These standard banner ads are still commonly used simple image ad that is served on a webpage. It contains a single image with no audio, video or other interactive options.

Animated Banner Ads

Animated banner ads are a cut above static banners when it comes to captivating the audience attention. It puts your product and services in motion and tells a story.

Video Advertising

Excite audiences with engaging video ads to understand the true value of video for your business. Reach consumers in all the places across devices, channels, and relevant ad formats where they discover video content from our leading websites and apps. With our deep understanding of video technology and publisher relationships, we boost your ads scale across premium placements to the audiences for a high-quality experience.

The average video consumption per week increased 85% from 2016 to 2020, according to Limelight’s State of Online Video 2020 report. Consumers watched nearly eight hours of online video per week in 2020.

Instream Video Ads

These video ads are played inside video player content where it interrupts video playback at a particular point and plays.

  • Pre-rolls – These ads are played before the video gets started

  • Mid-rolls – These ads are played at some point during the video playback

  • Post-rolls – These ads are played after the video ends

Outstream Video Ads

These video ads are usually played inside the website content or at the bottom corner of the page while users scroll down the webpage. They provide an uninterrupted user experience without sound and are designed to be 100% viewable, magically deployed and played on the screen.

  • In-Banner – These ads are usually rich media ads like GIFs or short videos in banner ad slots on a particular webpage and feature a compelling thumbnail.

  • In-Article – These ads appear as the user scrolls down the article and generally shows up around 50% into the article for higher audience engagement.

  • Native Video Ads – These ads match the aesthetics of the website or app they appear on and you will come across once you scroll through your feed.

  • Interstitial Video Ads – These ads typically covers the entire screen of a website or app they appear on. These are extremely common ads on mobile devices.

Mobile Advertising

Time spent with mobile is increasing. Make mobile work for you as it requires modern tactics that encourage true omnichannel engagement. As consumers spend more and more time on mobile devices, businesses are increasing their mobile advertising spending in order to reach new customers. It delivers targeted ad content specifically designed for devices like smartphones, tablets and comes in a variety of formats including mobile web, in-app advertising, and more. As technology evolves, new strategies for reaching customers on mobile are constantly being developed.

  • In-app ads

  • Mobile-web Ads

  • Mobile Interstitials

  • Mobile Video ads

  • Native ads

  • High Impact Playable Ads

Native Advertising

Native advertising provides a great opportunity for creative exposure that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear. They are so cohesive with the page content, incorporated into the design and consistent with the platform behavior that makes the audience feel the ad belongs there. These ads are non-disruptive allowing people to engage with the branded content they like and can produce a higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) and boost conversions.

Native ads are built from a number of metadata elements, such as a headline, logo, thumbnail image or video, click-through URL, description text, and more.

Native Advertising Channels
  • Open web – These ads usually appear in the form of content recommendations or sponsored content on popular websites, mobile web and apps.

  • Social – These ads appear in your in-feed on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.,

  • Search & Promotional listings – These ads appear as Ad listings at the top of your Search engine results such as Google, Bing and more or in the side bar.

Rich Media Ads

Rich media ads are advanced ads that include interactive and dynamic visuals such as text, images, videos, audio, animation in multiple combinations to stand out from bland display ads. With the use of HTML5 technology, it enables advertisers and marketers to create sophisticated ads by incorporating several different layers of content in a single placement that can trigger user responses with ease.

Types of Rich Media Ads
  • Banner Ads

  • Interstitial Ads

  • Push down Ads

  • Multi Directional Expandable Ads

  • Page Takeover Ads

  • Video Ads

  • Effective brand awareness

  • Great User Experience

  • Enhanced Interaction rate

  • Increased Conversion, Click-throughs and View-rates

  • Advanced Analytics & Metrics

Connected TV & OTT Advertising

Connected TV (CTV) is a device that connects to a television to support premium video content streaming. Different types of CTVs include Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and more.

OTT (Over-the-top) is the delivery of TV/video content directly from the internet on various devices—tablet, phone, laptop/desktop, television, etc. The video is delivered in a streaming or video-on-demand (VOD) format. Different types of OTT services include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

The rise of CTV and OTT has led to the phenomenon known as “cord-cutting,” which is the growing trend of customers cancelling their traditional cable and satellite subscriptions in favor of only using these streaming or VOD formats

  • Premium Inventory sources from streaming platforms

  • Advanced targeting options compared to Traditional / Linear TV advertising

  • Good video completion rate

  • Data-driven targeting options

  • Responsive & Premium Audiences

  • Highly personalized and quality Ad formats

Audio Advertising

Audio ads have become ideal for brands looking to reach a wider audience and is one of the most prominent forms of digital advertising in the world today. It provides a unique opportunity for brands to combine audience targeting along with their story to create a emotional connect. Audio ads are served to listeners through multiple channels such as Podcasts, Online streaming platforms, Smart Speakers, Audio Search, Internet Radio and more.

In the Digital Audio Advertising segment, the number of listeners is expected to amount to 1.5 Billion users by 2025. A study commissioned by Pandora found that when audio ads were integrated with participants’ personal music playlists, these ads impacted long-term memory 49% better than radio, 36% better than television, and 29% better than mobile video ads.

  • Reach audience during screenless moments

  • Emotionally connect with your audience

  • Reach audience during screenless moments

  • Emotionally connect with your audience

  • Participate in growing, untouched, unique & premium inventory

  • Be effective than traditional radio advertising

Some of the popular Audio Ad distribution platforms

YouTube Advertising

YouTube connects you to the people who matter most to your business and it offers a cost-effective way to reach a large user base with different interests. YouTube is the 2nd highest-ranking website in the world with 2 billion monthly active users and the platform is so extensive that it can be accessed in 76 different languages. Moreover, YouTube uses Google data to match your message to the right people at the right moment.

Every day, millions of people come to YouTube to be informed, inspired or just plain delighted. On YouTube, people can discover videos in various ways (for example, by searching on the YouTube search page, clicking suggested videos on the watch page, or choosing a video from the homepage feed).

Ad formats for YouTube
  • Skippable In-stream Ads

  • Non-skippable In-stream Ads

  • Bumper Ads

  • In-feed or Discovery Video Ads

  • Overlay Ads

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